About Spatsis
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SPATSIS primarily provides information on education in Singapore and other foreign countries. We guide students according to their aspirations and affordability. Our motto is not only in serving the student needs however in providing justice to the parents who sent their wards abroad for higher education. We focus on vocational education and training which provides opportunity for an aspirant to explore the best of options available.

SPATSIS focuses on Abroad Education, Similar education in the home country, Study Tours and Fam Tours. All the educational programmes are framed in such a way that the aspirants acquire hands on practical knowledge in addition to theory sessions.

We commit ourselves to cater the educational needs of our society exploring the options available universally and that makes the students completely competitive globally.

The chief promoters of SPATSIS  has an extensive experience of two decades in the field of education and training at national and international levels’


Empower the youth achieve world class leadership skills and make them globally competitive work force in their respective chosen arena.


Provide pathways in achieving the best available education and training available world wide.

SPATSIS Strategies 

Educate the abroad education agencies in providing the best and affordable education options for aspirants available universally.