About Singapore

Why Singapore?

  • Well developed educational and training system.
  • Ample opportunities for “International Students”.
  • This nation is recognized as “Global Schoolhouse”.
  • Singapore is recognized as world’s safest country.
  • Can use “Pathway” progress to progress to other countries.

Types of Institutions

  • Public & Private Universities
  • Public & Private Colleges
  • Private Institutes

Qualifications Offered

  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Bachelors
  • Masters


  • Diploma – Class Ten or O Level
  • Advanced Diploma – Class 12th or A Level
  • Bachelors – Advanced Diploma
  • Masters – Respective Bachelors or 3 years experience if other Bachelors.


  • Diploma & Advanced Diploma – Every month
  • Bachelors & Masters – Four intakes a year.


  • Depends on the programme and the University/College/Institute selected by the student.

Cost of living in Singapore

  • Moderately high compared to other Asian countries. From SD 700 per month onwards.

Languages in Singapore

  • English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

Visa Procedure

Obtain Letter of Offer from Institution.

Apply to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority [ICA]

Complete the process after arriving in the country by making an appointment with ICA

Agents will assist in getting these things done.

Obtain Student Pass.

Stay back.

  • No stay-back options in Singapore.
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